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  • Why do i need my boiler servicing?

    Fuel efficiency: With fuel prices on the increase, it makes perfect sense to squeeze every last drop of heat out of the oil you use to heat your home. That's why keeping your boiler serviced annually is one of the most effective ways to save money on your heating bill. Your boiler will naturally produce waste gasses during combustion, which over the course of a year will begin to accumulate on the insides of the heat exchanger leading to a loss of up to 15% efficiency. At Rutland Oil Fired Boiler Services, we clean the inside of your boiler to remove the waste products, and then we use digital combustion analysers to set boilers to their peak efficiency. We will also leave you with a printout detailing the combustion efficiency so you know exactly how well your boiler is performing.

  • Why do i need my boiler servicing?

    Reliability & peace of mind: Just as you would have your car serviced annually to keep it at peak performance, it is equally important to have your boiler serviced annually to keep it firing even on the coldest of days. It is hard to tell when looking from the outside, but your boiler is actually a complicated piece of machinery designed to atomize and ignite oil in as safe and efficient way as possible. As with any piece of precision machinery, the correct calibration and routine maintenance is vital in keeping all moving and static parts in good health. At Rutland Oil Fired Boiler Services, we independently check each part of the oil burner to make sure they are in full working order and calibrated to the manufactures specifications thus reducing costly future repair bills and giving you the peace of mind, knowing that your boiler will be keeping your family warm well into the winter months. We also offer full heating system health checks for that added peace of mind. For more information see our services section.

  • Why do i need my boiler servicing?

    Going Green (and staying Green): With the global climate changing, it is important to remember the impact we have on our ecosystem and our responsibility to keep our emissions as clean and minimal as we can. Annual servicing will keep your boiler firing cleanly and efficiently, thus reducing your carbon footprint and keeping our air clean for future generations to enjoy.

  • Why do i need my boiler servicing?

    Safety: As with any combustion appliance, it is important to remember just how dangerous the heat generated by your burner can be. Your boiler can produce flue temperatures in excess of 300°C (572°F) so it is of course important to make sure these gases are discharged in a safe way which can neither harm people or property. A by-product of burning fossil fuels is Carbon Monoxide (CO) and while oil combustion produces significantly less amounts of CO than natural gas combustion, Carbon Monoxide remains an ever present and potentially fatal threat. During your service, we will calibrate your boiler so that CO production will be below levels set by the Health and Safety Executive. We will also make sure you are well aware of any fire or safety risks your boiler may produce and outline ways accidents can be avoided or make alterations to your system to avoid any future danger. Keeping your boiler serviced is a small price to pay for the wellbeing and health of your family. For more information on Carbon Monoxide visit the HSE Website.

  • Why do i need my boiler servicing?

    Oil tank: A mandatory part of any routine service is the inspection of your oil storage tank in accordance with BS 5410. Although often ignored, your oil tank is one of the most important parts of your heating system in terms of the delivery of oil to your boiler and the risk it poses to yourselves the environment. During your service, we will first make sure your oil tank and oil supply line(s) are in good condition and that any safety devices and monitoring gauges are in working order. We will than assess the fire and safety aspects of your tank and make you aware of any possible risks to your tank and any possible risks your tank poses to the environment. It is important to remember that oil spills caused by the incorrect installation or maintenance of oil tanks can incur excessive clean-up costs.

  • What is OFTEC?

    OFTEC stands for Oil Firing Technical Association. They are recognized by the Government, oil companies, heating appliance and tank manufacturers as being the acceptable trade body in technician training & assessment for the domestic heating, oil distribution and commercial oil firing industry. For the oil industry in England and Wales, OFTEC registered technicians are the only people defined as 'competent' and able to self-certify their work without the need for informing the local building control department. Rutland Oil Fired Boiler Services is an OFTEC registered business.

  • What do I do if the red light on the front of my boiler/burner is on?

    This means the burner has gone into Lock Out due to a fault on the burner. Should this happen, we recommend calling a Rutland Oil Fired Boiler Services engineer to assess the fault and make any repairs or adjustments necessary. Repeatedly pressing the red reset button can cause damage to the burner.

  • What should I do if I run out of oil?

    Firstly switch the boiler off and leave it off until you have made arrangements to have your oil tank topped back up. Once your oil tank is full again, you will need to make arrangements for an Rutland Oil Fired Boiler Services engineer to bleed the oil line back to the boiler and safely relight and commission the burner.

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If you are looking for a reputable boiler servicing company in Rutland, then Rutland Oil Fired Boiler Services Ltd is the right choice for you. We stock over 300 boiler spare parts and can also contact the parts supplier any time of the day. When you pick us, you can be sure to receive fast and quality work at all times. We use the latest digital combustion analysers to ensure your boilers are working efficiently without any disruption.
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Get your boiler serviced for only £75.00 when you book a service before the 31st of July 2016. If you and up to 3 of your neighbours have your boiler serviced on the same day, you will each be eligible to a 10% discount on your boiler service. This does not include additional parts or labour. Participants must be within 5 miles of each other. 

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